Pastured Beef & Pork


Buttonwood Farm has been raising cattle since the farm began in 1975, with a focus on herd health and quality products. 

Our Red Angus Cattle is raised pasture-raised and fed entirely with crops grown on our scenic family farm. Aside from producing premium, well-marbled beef, the docile nature of the Red Angus make them an ideal fit for our farm of many visitors. We invite guests to visit the cows during our hayride tours of the farm.

Our small herd of heritage pork is raised from farrow to finish on our specially formulated mix of fermented grains, grown exclusively on our farm. The blend of Tamworth and Old Gloucester Spot breeding creates a lean, flavorful cut of meat we are proud to serve our customers.

Our pasture-raised meat is currently available for order by the half or whole, custom cut to suit your needs. Please allow at least 6 weeks for processing.

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