Our Philosophy

We prioritize the preservation of our pastoral landscape, creating a beautiful and serene environment for our farm visitors.  From our acres of sunflowers to our historic stonewalls, we take care to maintain an agricultural landscape for all to enjoy. 

We care for our animals with their quality of life always in mind, from their constant access to pasture, to our prime raised forage. We select breeds that are docile and good mothers to build a quality herd.

Best in class describes everything we do on the farm. We use quality ingredients in our premium, farm-fresh ice cream.  We feed quality crops to our animals.  We make decisions on the farm for the betterment of the land and those who visit us.

As a multi-generational family farm, we value sharing our farm with other families.  It brings us great joy to see others enjoying our pastoral landscape and experiencing all that the farm has to offer.

How it all began

Buttonwood Farm began as a dairy farm in 1975, using an old sawmill to mill lumber from timber grown on our land. Since that time, the farm has been used to produce feed for cattle and milk for the wholesale market, as well as merchandising cattle.

As our family has grown, the farm has become more diverse. A new sawmill has replaced the old one, we began growing hay and silage for sale, and began raising and marketing dairy and beef cattle.

October 1997 marked a new chapter in our farm history. We felled trees for logs, milled logs for lumber, and less than a year later, the new Buttonwood Farm Ice Cream stand was built.

With our history of making things from scratch, it seemed only natural that our ice cream would follow suit. We researched old recipes, purchased equipment, and began with only premium ingredients. Through practice, we have learned to make the best ice cream available anywhere.

In 2016-17 we installed a large solar array on the roof of our dairy barn to provide 100% of the energy needed to operate the farm, ice cream shop, and other outbuildings.

We hand make our ice cream, our waffle cones, and our whipped cream. It has been our pleasure to welcome you to enjoy the fresh air, farm fresh ice cream, and scenic country views, and we hope to see you back for years to come!