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Our 2019 Sunflowers For Wishes event HAS ENDED

Sunflowers For Wishes FAQ


When will the sunflowers bloom and when is the event?

Our 2019 event has ended. We plant our flowers in hopes that they will be in peak bloom for the event. Mother nature is unpredictable and sometimes the peak bloom may be a little early or later depending in the weather. Please check the Sunflower Status before you plan your trip. It is very difficult to know exactly when the field will bloom. The peak bloom lasts for about two weeks.

What are your hours?

Sunflowers for Wishes hours are from 10am until dark. Ice cream shop hours may be different. Please check ice cream hours before your visit.

Where do I park?

We have parking at the ice cream stand, but it fills very quickly. Additionally we open a large field for you to park in. All busses must park in the field on Route 201. Busses cannot unload passengers at the ice cream stand parking lot. We do not expect your vehicle to get stuck in our fields but if you do for whatever reason you will be responsible for calling and paying for towing.

Do we need tickets and how much are they?

We do not sell admission tickets. Hayride and cow train tickets are $5 per person. We do not accept reservations for rides. 

Can I pick sunflowers?

Please do not pick the sunflowers. We have volunteers that cut and put the sunflowers into bouquets and they are available under the gazebo.

Do you sell the sunflower seeds?

No we do not. We harvest the sunflowers while the seeds are still immature.

Do you have bouquets available?

Bouquets are available under our gazebo. We have friendly volunteers that will select as many bouquets as you'd like and put them in a bag for you. Sunflower bouquets are available on a first come first served basis, subject to availability. We do not reserve or hold sunflower bouquets,

We plant the seeds and let mother nature do the rest. On some occasions we may run out of cut flowers. Our army of volunteers can only cut so many and on occasion we do run out. You can always check our social media for the most current information.

Do I have to buy sunflowers or can I just come and look?

 You are welcome to simply come and enjoy the sight. We do this event as a benefit for the Make-A-Wish Foundation so any donation or purchase is appreciated. Please respect the privacy and boundaries of those living and working on the farm by keeping out of marked areas and off of cropland; and by parking in designated spaces and adhering to visiting hours. Never open any closed gates, or enter barns. Anyone not respecting our guidelines will be asked to leave the farm.

What about the hayrides?

The hayride is approximately 20 minutes long. The route travels through our farm and you even have a chance to feed the cows from the wagon. It ends by going through the sunflower field where it will pause for a unique photo opportunity while you remain on the wagon. Children age 2 and under must ride with a ticketed adult.

What is the cow train?

The cow train is made from barrels that are painted to look like cows. It is pulled by a tractor and goes along the outside of the sunflower field. The ride is under 10 minutes long. Children age 2 and under must ride with a ticketed adult.

Are there bathrooms available? 

Yes, there are port-a-johns available, most of which are handicapped accessible.

Is the event handicap accessible?

There is limited handicapped parking available near the ice cream stand and there are handicap port-a-johns available. This is a working farm so although we are accessible it is not always easy to maneuver. The farm is not paved, it can be uneven, rocky, and muddy if wet. Service dogs are welcome.

Will there be food, or can we bring a picnic?

We have hot dogs, chips, and drinks available. As well as our delicious farm fresh ice cream, of course! You are welcome to bring your own food, however, please stay out of the farm fields when picnicking. There are places around the ice cream stand where you can toss a blanket down and enjoy a picnic. Space is limited. There are also several picnic tables available near the hayride and cow train ride area. Please be respectful and place all trash in receptacles. 

Can I take pictures?

That is one of the best parts. We do have some guidelines that we ask you follow. 

Are pets allowed?

Well behaved dogs that will not bother the farm animals are allowed. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the hayride. 

What should I bring and wear?

We are a working farm. We open our fields for this event and fields are uneven and rocky. There are walking paths through the main sunflower field. Please choose appropriate footwear for your visit. Sturdy shoes or even rain boots are a good choice as the fields can get muddy. Bring a bucket with some water for your sunflowers (leave in the car) for the ride home. 

How do I care for my sunflowers?

Try not to leave your flowers in the sun for too long especially mid-day. Keep them in a bucket of water for the drive home to ensure freshness. We have a water source at the farm. 

How to keep your cut flowers blooming as long as possible: We cut flowers early in the day when the sun isn't as hot. Put them in water right away and keep out of the hot sun. Don't leave them in a hot car. When you get them home, sunflowers will do best with indirect sunlight and the cooler it is the longer they last. Sunflowers drink a lot of water so check the water level daily and change it if it gets cloudy. Adding flower food will not prolong the blooming time.

My sunflowers are droopy, can they be saved? Yes, well as long is it wasn't for a couple days! Sunflowers are tough, get them fresh water right away and out of direct sunlight. They should perk up within a few hours. 

Can I bring a stroller or wagon?

Yes, but you are not allowed to bring them on the hayride.

Can I volunteer?

We are looking for folks with a warm and positive outlook, who love people and working outside. Picking sunflowers is hard work! We start around 6am cutting, bunching, and making bouquets. Sunflowers are heavy and you’ll be working in fields under the sun alongside a lot of bees. You must be 18 years or older or if under 18 attend with an adult.

How do I contact you with questions?

If you still have questions after reading through our website, email is the best way to reach us. We receive so many calls and emails that it is difficult to respond to everyone in a timely manner, which is why we created this FAQ page. Once we open for the season, our phone line tends to be very busy, and we will not be able to answer emails during the day. If you want to know if we are open or how the flowers are doing you can check our Sunflower Status and call a pre-recorded message at 860-376-4081 You can also find us on Facebook and sign up for newsletter updates to alert you to changes.


You only have this event for 9 days at the end of July, what are you doing the rest of the year?

We are a working farm and we make our own ice cream which is available from March 1 to October 31. We also raise beef cattle, and have a corn maze in the fall.